My letter to you and the world

What if I told you that life’s hardest moments are actually trying to help you, and are not against you as many of us believe? Truth is, these moments are exactly what we need to realize the truth: we ARE good enough. People call this a “rude awakening”. Sometimes it’s the only way, so that we can see the true beauty in life, to know that we are meant for so much more than what we are made to believe since we are born, and even before that, while we’re in our mothers womb. We’re fed bullshit as soon as we start to grow in their tummies. And so the brainwashing begins. I can’t express the discontent, and many times anger, I feel when I think about the fact that we’re being controlled even when we don’t have the power to do anything about it. They don’t even give us a slight chance. Who’s they, you may ask? I’m sure we’re all starting to realize this, either it’s the government, or someone else pulling the strings in the background. Yeah, I know, if you choose to believe this it can truly blow your mind. And, at the same time, it shouldn’t. i think it’s pretty obvious how things currently are around the world, and how we’re merely puppets being controlled by these people. Do you want to know why they strive to control us so much? I’ll tell you why, it’s because they know how truly powerful we are. That’s why. There’s no other reason, other then the fact that they benefit greatly in our expense. Or so they think. At the end of the day, when it all goes down to shit, and either our home, Earth, can’t take our abuse of her anymore, and ultimately annihilates us, or we lead ourselves to our own extinction, all these things they have that makes them “happy” and “comfortable”, will mean nothing. Money, cars, expensive clothing, exotic foods, mansions, titles, etc. All this will mean nothing. Can you survive off of these things? I want you to really think about it, and answer that to yourself. I hope most of you answer no, of course. But we are all entitled to our own beliefs, damaging or not. I’m just here to tell you of my belief, to comment on how I view life, never to impose it upon you, for then I would be going against said belief. What’s my belief? That we are all free beings, living in a free world, a world that gives us everything we need to survive, to live, absolutely free. No contracts, no fees, hidden or not. Being free and being able to travel and explore our beautiful home is our birthright. You truly believe Earth doesn’t want you to explore her? We have no idea the beauties that are out there, just waiting to be seen! We would be left speechless when we set our eyes upon those wonders of the world. All Earth asks, is that we live harmoniously, in peace, and that we love and respect her, and each other. You think it’s fair what we’re doing to her? She suffers, just like you and I suffer. if you think being hurt by one person sucks, imagine being hurt by billions of people. And we just don’t realize that. We think of Earth as just a piece of rock, a non-living object we live on, just floating in space. You can call me crazy, but I believe Earth has a heart, like all of us. If you let her love you, you can feel that love. Touch a tree, hug a tree, put your hand on the ground, on grass, and feel her love, her energy. You may feel nothing, of course, but that love is there. It’s the same as when you hug someone, it may feel like nothing, but you can just feel the love, especially if you truly love the person, and they love you back. And that’s the issue, we don’t love Earth, so of course we won’t be able to feel her love for us. Who else would let billions of people hurt her, and continue to provide for us, continue to give us what we need to live? Oxygen? Fruits and vegetables? Water? Who do you think gives us all this? The government? Really? Oh, that’s exactly what they want us to believe, trust me. They want us to believe that, without them, we can’t survive. They want us to depend on them, to not be able to live if they’re not around being in charge. Ha! They truly crack me up. They use fear as their main weapon to do this. And this is the most powerful weapon of all, more powerful than guns, tanks, nuclear weapons, anything you can think of. Fear is above all of those. If there were no fear, how would we be afraid of these so called weapons they possess? They make us feel so scared that we literally cannot raise a finger against them! How absurd, considering the immense power we ALL possess. The truth is, the ones who are most afraid here are them. Afraid of who? Us, that’s who. Why do you think they hide in their big houses, away from all of us? They’re scared shitless, have no doubt about that. If just one of us is powerful beyond our imagination, imagine all of us. Together. We would be unstoppable. A greater force than that doesn’t exist. So they divide us, with religion, social classes, MONEY, racial perspectives, you name it. They’ll find and use anything to try and divide us, and have us fight amongst ourselves! Can you imagine that? Not only do they divide us, but they make us fight one another, our own brothers and sisters! They make it so that it’s nearly impossible to unite, and rebel against them, once we realize the truth. This is what they want. All this bullshit they feed us, mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually! The junk food, the ads, the lottery,the news, all these material things we believe we need, the “stresses” they put upon us with all this bullshit they make us buy because we supposedly need them to survive, the medicines that don’t do shit to us but mess with our internal systems, everything you can think of, everything that you think you need that they sell, all of this fucks us up and turns us into the sheep that they want us to be. Mindlessly going through life in just one direction, the one they set out for us. They are the shepherd, and we are the sheep. We depend on them. Without them, we die. Bullshit. I’m sorry for my harsh language, but this has been going on for too damn long, and we have done absolutely nothing but to keep on playing their little games. I see how people I care about are so caught up in their game, so afraid of the “law”, doing everything “right” and following the “rules” to the letter, so scared that if they don’t do all these things and abide by the law, they won’t be able to provide for their families, or worse, they’ll be looked upon as “failures”. You don’t know how much I wish I could tell them and help them realize that this is not how it’s supposed to be! At all! If this is truly what life is about, then I’m sorry, but I would not want to continue living. Who in their right mind would want to live their whole lives being slaves? Why do you think you feel so uncomfortable and so unhappy with your life? Because you don’t feel free! I said it in the beginning, we are free beings. Our souls fight against that which makes us feel confined, captive. That’s why we feel unhappy, like something is just not right. What happens, then, when we give in to our soul’s wanting of being free? Of being what it was meant to be? We rebel. The cause of all rebels is exactly that, going against that which confines us, that which limits us. We rebel once, we rebel twice, we rebel all the time, until we feel free. A young girl wants to go to a party with her friends. She asks her parents, and they both say no, she’s staying in tonight. She begs and pleads, but they don’t budge. Distressed, she goes to her room and locks herself up, crying, unhappy, mad. Why do they confine her so? Why don’t they let her be free? She looks to her right, and sees her room’s window. Well, I’m sure you know the rest. Typical teenage rebel story. That’s exactly what happens to all of us. It may seem like it doesn’t, but it happens to ALL of us. It only seems like it doesn’t because most of us hide this, and we choose to conform to the system, and pretend that everything is just fine the way it is and that we are soooo happy. We tell ourselves this everyday until we actually believe it. But that rebel inside will never die, no matter how much you try to suppress it. You can ignore it, but it will always be there. And then what happens when you live your whole life suppressing this feeling, conforming to the “reality” they sell us? You lay on your death bed, and realize you shouldn’t have worried about the things you worried about, that you should’ve actually lived, actually have enjoyed your beautiful family. You’re filled with all these regrets as to how you lived your life. Only then do you realize that you should’ve listened to that voice telling you that this shit isn’t right. Do we really want to wait until we’re practically dead, until it’s too late, to realize and accept the truth? I’ll leave this thought for you to mull over, and decide. It’s all up to you.


2 thoughts on “My letter to you and the world”

  1. I feel you brother. I pay back to the earth with my vegan ways, and anyone who truly wants to make a difference to help the animals, the planet and themselves should consider that life style, or at least learn a little bit more about it. Its the rebellious thing to do 😉

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